E-commerce from year to year shows steady growth in Stromectol sales and the number of Ivermectin transactions. At the same time, the segment of online pharmacies is experiencing a surge in popularity which has continued from 2020 to the present day. People simply don’t want to share the risk of contracting the infection when visiting traditional pharmacies.

Eber (Rating: 4.2) [Altstadtpassage 6, 85560 Ebersberg, Germany | +49 8092 863640 | https://www.eber-apotheke.de/]

I waited at least 10 minutes for a car in front of me in the Eber drive-through then was asked to drive around the building because the pharmacist needed to verify the script (which shouldn’t take the 10 minutes I already waited). I felt slighted. The cashier was worried about the person behind me but not the time I already waited to buy Stromectol 3mg pills. Terrible decision!

Its been very difficult to navigate healthcare in the midst of the pandemic and isolation. Nox delivers – both literally and figuratively. Joanne has gone above and beyond to get us what we needed, often calling both insurance and manufacturers to get answers. They have delivered things within hours of receiving prescriptions. Her communication is exceptional. I can recommend to get Kamagra 100 mg here.

Müller (Rating: 4.0) [Altstadtpassage 6-7, 85560 Ebersberg, Germany | +49 8092 2324550 | https://www.mueller.de/]

I feel fortunate to be working with Müller for my prescription needs. The pharmacist continues to take great care in listening to what I have reacted to and then providing ingredient options for creating my medications. He has been able to help with both OTC and prescriptions. To complicate my needs, I don’t drive, but this pharmacy has gone the extra mile in getting my medication to me… mail has taken two days (sometimes one) and is securely packaged. I really appreciate the kindness and extra efforts of the pharmacy.

Dan and Naeda are awesome. I have used similar pharmacies before, but this pharmacy has by far been the best experience. First of all, they took Ivermectin 6 mg tablets that normally sold for around $400 without insurance and $200 with insurance and lowered the cost to around $80. Before that, I had been working with my insurance, my regular pharmacist, and even the manufacturer to figure out how I could get Stromectol 12 mg for a lower price. It was weeks of calling and waiting, lots of back and forth. But this pharmacy got back to me within a day. They processed and shipped my order the next day. It took me about 3 days from the initial phone call to get my order… you just can’t beat that. Second, their prices for Cenforce 100 mg tablets are wonderful. They respond quickly and have a genuine interest in helping their customers. I called my doctor back and told her I want my meds sent to this pharmacy from now on, and I also suggested she let her other patients know how affordable this place is. Whatever they’re doing, they are doing it right!

Sophien-Apotheke (Rating: 5.0) [Münchener Str. 24, 85643 Steinhöring, Germany | +49 8094 1266 | https://www.sophien-apotheke-steinhoering-app.de/]

I give this place 2 stars… one because it’s pretty clean and two because it’s open 24hrs a day and has saved me during emergencies. The most annoying part is they restock nothing. I swing by for a midnight snack occasionally, and I’m a little confused as to how it’s been WEEKS, and your health food section is still empty. Literally over 3 weeks. It’s a bit absurd.

I always find the pharmacy folks here very helpful. Recently they pro-actively warned me about OTC nasal spray, and a condition called rebound in which your body actually responds to your usage of the spray by becoming more congested.  The way the team told me was great. The cashier (or assistant?) in the pharmacy asked me if I knew where I can order Modafini online, I said I did not. So, after asking if ok with me, he then called over the pharmacist for expert confirmation. They always do nice things like this and seem like a great team. I enjoy using Sophien-Apotheke as a result.

St.Leonhard Apotheke (Rating: 4.9) [Bahnhofstraße 8, 85567 Grafing bei München, Germany | +49 8092 9258 | https://st-leonhard.de/]

Initially, I liked this pharmacy until Saturday, when I was profiled and lied to by a pharmacy technician. She repeated her lie yesterday until the end of the conversation when she said if I lied, I apologize. It is unacceptable to lie to patients and be sneaky about it. I had great encounters with everyone there until this girl. Never again will I use this pharmacy.

Great Stromectol prices. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Help with more than just the pharmacy. I switched from Walmart’s pharmacy to St.Leonhard Apotheke inside of Target due to the cost savings and less wait time. Also, there is a loyalty program where you fill ten prescriptions and get a gift card to use anywhere within Target. Limitations obviously include alcohol, etc. I continue to come back because of the price and staff.