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Modehaus Schug – Damenmode (Rating: 4.8) [Eberhardstraße 1, 85560 Ebersberg, Germany | +49 8092 22323 |]

Best Pharmacy in NY by far. You may have to wait a little bit longer, but that is by no means the fault of the staff as they are fantastic and incredibly helpful and kind. I drive quite a bit out of my way just because no other pharmacy has provided the level of service these guys and gals have. Love this place for their low Cenforce prices.

Every time I go to this Modehaus Schug – Damenmode, the managers have a bad attitude towards individuals that use coupons. Sharon, in particular, needs to learn how to talk to customers; and not roll her eyes when she cannot answer a question. She is very rude. This is my last time shopping at this store.

Hubertus Apotheke (Rating: 2.7) [Prof.-Lebsche-Straße 23, 85625 Glonn, Germany | +49 8093 5039 |]
Today I picked up a Kamagra order I had placed online. When I got home, I was missing 30 pictures from my order. I called and spoke to the young man working tonight. He helped me with my situation quickly and efficiently. He was so helpful and pleasant. I will make this Hubertus Apotheke of choice because of its wonderful customer service.
This is a great warm, hometown, hidden gem of a pharmacy. Not only can you get your prescriptions filled quickly, you“ll want to take a look at the unique gift and clothing line. Not just your everyday pharmacy. You will find unique gifts for that unique friend or perhaps a little something for yourself. You will know your home when you walk in and are greeted by your first name. Take a wonderful step back into part of warm family feel.
St. Georg Apotheke (Rating: 4.8) [Kirchpl. 12, 85617 Aßling, Germany | +49 8092 9193 |]

Pros: helpful employees, open 24hrsI like that St. Georg Apotheke is always a quick, convenient stop. I mostly stop in for personal care items or even grocery items in a pinch. The employee is delightful. While I don’t use it much, this is also my preferred pharmacy to find best Stromectol online. When I have used it, the pharmacists are always helpful, and the drive-thru is prompt.

We stopped by this shop on our way back home, and there was no one else around, which is my favorite. The budtender was very knowledgeable and friendly. Super chill. We talked about flowers and glassware for a bit. It’s a small shop in a small town, so it didn’t have a very large selection, but I saw and smelled good quality.

Forellen Apotheke (Rating: 4.2) [Wolfgang-Wagner-Straße 9 a, 85625 Glonn, Germany | +49 8093 9349 |]

I don’t like to give any company a 1 Star review simply because everyone has an off day, and maybe that happens to be the same day I’m there. Anyone working with the general public or in retail has to deal with a lot, and I understand that. This, however, is not the first time that I’ve had a script dropped off or called in one morning, come back the evening of the next day, and still get told to wait. I called at 7 a.m. this morning for my daughter’s scripts and was told we are working on them now. I come to the pharmacy at 7 p.m., 10 hours later, to be told to wait another 10 minutes. They were working on them. I did not realize they had to grow their own herbs and spices to sell Modafinil(Provigil) at website. I pull back up to the window 15 minutes later for them to walk around for 5 before coming to the window and then another 5 before they find the scripts. I’m glad this wasn’t an emergency.

I used to go to a large, chain pharmacy and there always seemed to be a hassle. However, this pharmacy is EXCELLENT!! The staff and pharmacists are a pleasure to work with, and I have nothing but nice things to say about Forellen Apotheke! Dina has been a lifesaver and bends over backward to make sure I am taken care of!